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Benvenuti a Souls of Lunigiana by Italian Soul. This site aims to provide the descendants of people from the historic Lunigianese villages of Apella and Taponecco with free, translated information to help them research their ancestors and find out more about who lead to them. All the information provided can be found in the public domain, however after experiencing how hard it is to find this information, Souls of Lunigiana aims to make that easier. Depending on the person searched, I am able to provide birth, marriage and death register/certificate images, passenger lists, and profile images upon approved request and if available. Stories of ancestors will soon become available, however due to personal stories not being in the public domain, these are only given upon approved request. All information has been found through research and/or personal accounts from families. Recognised contributors are listed on the contributor page. Read the Privacy Policy for further privacy information about Souls of Lunigiana. Se vuoi leggere in italiano, per favore vedere la barra laterale per il pulsante di traduzione.

Here are just some of the many family names within the database: Bastiani, Crispi, Galletti, Maffei, Mazzini, Mura, Nardi, Travaglini.

How do I search for ancestors on Souls of Lunigiana?

1. Find any search box or head to the List of Ancestors page.

2. Enter any information you may know (e.g. surname, year of birth), or search through the alphabetically ordered list of ancestors.

3. Look through the search results or list and find your match.

4. Feel free to leave a comment on an ancestor’s page or contact Souls of Lunigiana for further information. If you are looking for photos of your ancestors, or have some to share, head to the looking for photos page.

5. Sign up to get exclusive Souls of Lunigiana email updates about newly-added content to the site and other information.

6. Sign up to the Photo Collection to view and participate in exclusive photo collections of Apella, Taponecco, and its people.

What if I can’t find who I’m looking for?

Souls of Lunigiana does not have information on every past resident of Apella and Taponecco, but that is something I am striving for. However, I may be able to find what you are looking for upon request. Fill out the contact form, and enter your situation. A response will be sent as soon as possible.

Which villages within Lunigiana are researched?

Souls of Lunigiana researches the ancestors of the historic villages Apella and Taponecco. However, due to movement, there are some ancestors recorded that are from nearby villages, including from Tavernelle, Panicale, Villa di Panicale, and Ripola.

Can I contribute information?

Of course! Any information you may have that could help in the discovery of ancestors or help in providing more depth for an ancestor’s page would be much appreciated. When pages contain areas of information that are “not available atm”, this means that we either have no information at the moment or the information will be provided soon. You can contribute here.

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