Ettore Travaglini (1906-1906)

Ettore’s Facts, Sources, & Family.

Surname Travaglini
Name(s) Ettore
Gender Male
Birth date 2 Jan 1906
Birth place Taponecco, Massa-Carrara, Toscana, Italia
Death date 1906? (believed to of died as an infant)

Death place

Not available atm


Believed to be Apella, Massa-Carrara, Toscana, Italia


Profile image Not available atm
Birth certificate/register Birth register image available
Marriage certificate/register Not available
Passenger list Not available
Death certificate/register Not available atm


Mother Pasquina Nardi (1881-1916)
Father Giovanni Travaglini (1866-1922)
Siblings Albino Luigi Travaglini (1902-1992)
Ercolina Maria Delfina Travaglini (1903-1903)
Felicia Travaglini (1904-1918)
Ettore Pietro Raffaello Travaglini (1910-1999)
Alcide Travaglini (1916-1916)


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