Eugenio Giuseppe Luigi Travaglini (1867-1931)

Eugenio’s Facts, Sources, & Family.

Surname Travaglini
Name(s) Eugenio Giuseppe Luigi
Gender Male
Birth date 5 Dec 1867
Birth place Taponecco, Massa-Carrara, Toscana, Italia
Death date 13 Sep 1931
Death place Weed, Siskiyou, California, United States of America


Not available atm


Profile image Not available atm
Birth certificate/register Not available atm
Marriage certificate/register Not available atm
Passenger list Not available atm
Death certificate/register Not available atm


Mother Maria Luigia Bastiani (1835-1916)
Father Gregorio Travaglini (1826-1882)
Siblings Pietro Eugenio Enrico Travaglini (1852-1934)
Fausto Travaglini (1856-?)
Clemente Travaglini (1858-1943)
Adele (Adelinda) Travaglini (1862-1894)
Olinto Arcangelo Vincenzio Travaglini (1865-1940)
Giovanni Travaglini (1866-1922)
Luigi Enrico Pio Travaglini (1870-1893)
Riccardo Remigio Gerolamo Travaglini (1872-?)
Maria Teresa Travaglini (1875-?)
Alceste Travaglini (1878-1882)
Maria Travaglini (1881-1881)
Spouse(s) Maria Galletti (1866-1896)
Ursola (1865-1952)
Marriage date(s) Not available atm (with Maria)
Not available atm (with Ursola)
Marriage place(s) Apella, Massa-Carrara, Toscana, Italia (with Maria)
California, United States of America (with Ursola)
Children All with Maria:
Casimiro Travaglini (1891-1891)
Maria Enrichetta Travaglini (1894-1894)
Abramo Travaglini (1896-?)
Carolina Travaglini (1896-1896)


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