Maria Maffei (1878-1943)

Maria’s Facts, Sources, & Family.

Surname Maffei
Name(s) Maria, Mary (in the US)
Gender Female
Birth date 1878
Birth place Taponecco, Massa-Carrara, Toscana, Italia
Death date 1943

Death place

Milwaukie, Oregon, United States of America


Mt. Calvary, Portland, Oregon, United States of America


Profile image Not available atm
Birth certificate/register Not available atm
Marriage certificate/register Not available atm
Passenger list Not available atm
Death certificate/register Not available atm


Mother Luigia Maffei (1849-1920)
Father Battista Maffei (1850-1922)
Siblings Domenica Maffei (1876-?)
Assunta Maffei (1880-1970)
Remigio Pellegrino Maffei (1881-1948)
Sante Maffei (1883-1970)
Palma Maffei (1885-?)
Brisilla Maffei (1887-1961)
Francesco Maffei (1890-?)
Spouse Attilio Mura (1888-1981)
Marriage date Mar 1910
Marriage place Portland, Oregon, United States of America
Children Matilda L Mura (1911-1971)
James S Mura (1914-1992)


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  1. Maria Maffei Mura was my paternal Grandmother. She is buried in Mt. Calvary cemetery in Portland, Or. She and my Grandfather Attilio were married March 1910 in Portland.
    She went by Mary. She came to the States with her mother in 1910.

    Kathy Mura Erickson

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