Beer and hot Melbourne summers

The Melbournese way.

It’s the 60s and the Italians have established themselves in Melbourne pretty well, they’ve got jobs and businesses and of course, growing families. This is around the time when my uncle and mum were born.

In these hot summers, lunch consisted of insalata, simply tomatoes and lettuce from the garden, then freshly picked fruit from their apricot, nectarine and fig trees.

As you can see in the featured image, they’re pretty comfortable on a hot Melbourne summer’s day in their new homeland, shirtless with their shorts on. On the left is my great grandfather Ettore, the head of the family, with his glass of beer (all pretty small in comparison to the portions of today). Their preferred beer they bought in summer was usually Melbourne or Victoria Bitter.

Here’s a brief timeline of the beer evolution in 1960s Melbourne.

1962 –Richmond Brewery acquired.

1967 –Carlton Draught officially named and introduced as packaged beer.

1967 –Stubby beer bottle is released.

1968 –Courage Brewery commences brewing at Melbourne.

They were even shipping Fosters and VB to Australian troops in Vietnam.

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