Alien found

Discovery of Great-uncle’s trip to Australia.

Just recently I discovered the Aliens Act document of my nonno’s brother Ezio, when he visited Australia in 1952.

As it says on the document, the information given was required “in accordance with the Aliens Act and Regulations, from aliens (non-British persons) over sixteen years of age entering the Commonwealth”. Great uncle Ezio landed in Sydney on the 1st of August 1952, aboard the “Castel Bianco” ship (built in Baltimore, USA in 1945).

Information included his intended address of my nonno’s house in Carlton, his height of 5 feet and 7 inches as well as his signature (or ‘Alien’ signature).

A great place to find to documents like this, especially passengers lists to Australia are located at the National Archives on the Passenger Arrivals Index, and also at the Name Search for other documents.

Ezio was about 1.7 metres tall


Signature of Alien top right

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