Apella early days

Nonno’s village

My nonno Ilario, was born in Apella, a neighbouring village from Taponecco in the mountains of Toscana, Italia in 1931. His family had eight people, his mother Gemma, father Attilio, two brothers Ezio and Guglielmo, three sisters Settima, Luisa, and Iride which was his twin. The family was large and life was tough.

At the age of five he grazed sheep and made milk and cheese during the day. He dug up tree stumps to make charcoal and sold it for money to help the family. It was tough during the war and Nonno recounts the frightening times when the soldiers passed through the village. He recalls when some of the German soldiers had taken his family’s donkey. They thought that it was gone forever, but were surprised when it was returned to them.

Above from left to right, top to bottom: Ezio, Guglielmo, Settima, Luisa, and the twins Iride and Ilario.

Featured image: Two storey house, Nonno’s childhood home in Apella, 2011.

Credit to Ilario Bastiani.

More stories to come.

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